Willoughby plans to run a re-election campaign focused on how we can come together united as a community to continue the improvement of our educational system for ALL students. 

Columbia, MO – Current Columbia Public Schools’ Board of Education member, Blake Willoughby,announces that he will be running for re-election for a second term in the April 2022 Municipal Election. 

I am committed to the value of community and this will be a campaign focused on how we can come together united as a community to continue the improvement of our educational system for ALL students.” – Blake Willoughby

Since being elected in April 2019, Blake has achieve many of his original campaign goals:

-Blake advocated for a new goal for the district’s 10-year Long Range Facilities plan that incorporates ADA excellence in the physical structures of our buildings, which was approved by the Board..

–The Board approved the 2020 Bond language that Blake advocated for, stating that $2 Million of the funds would be utilized for the new ADA excellence goal. This helped solidify the work on Jeff Middle School’s elevator project.

–Blake has held over 50 hours of open forum community listening sessions in coffee shops, the locallibrary, in outdoor spaces, and virtually. 

I want to see the continued progress we are making as we welcome a new superintendent, address the impacts of Covid-19, and reimagine the district’s goals as a Board with the majority (6 of 7) in their first term. I understand the importance of community input and how to effectively govern as a board member. These are necessary attributes on the Board to ensure the success of our progress.” – Blake Willoughby

Willoughby has been a resident of Columbia, MO for 5-years. He began serving on the CPS Board in April 2019 and he currently serves as the chair of the Board’s Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee and is a member of the Board’s Policy Committee. He teaches and prepares undergraduate students to be K12 educators. He is an educational researcher and doctoral student. Beyond serving as a CPS board member, he has served as the Vice Chair of the city’s Substance Abuse Advisory Commission and currently serves on the city’s Housing & Community Development Commission as the 6th ward representative. 

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